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I’m just a nerd building a site for a thing that I personally find useful. So when I say that “I take your privacy seriously”, it’s not just some spiel. It’s me, Johnny Noble, talking to you, my honoured guest.

Web trackers & cookies

I hate trackers more than you do. This site will never contain any 3rd party ‘web trackers’, i.e. code that attempts to uniquely identify you and follow you around the web.

This site has no need for cookies, and does not use them. It uses no external fonts, e.g. Google Fonts.

Your email address

If you choose to give me your email address, I will treat it with the utmost respect. I’ll never spam you, or give it to anyone else.

In 2019 I moved from Mailchimp, whose business model started to make me uncomfortable, to Buttondown. It’s run by one guy who I trust to do the right thing. I’ve turned off all analytics features, so I don’t know who opens, clicks, or forwards my emails.


It’s hard to imagine that this site would ever be popular enough to tempt someone to advertise on it, but one never knows.

If I do ever run an ad on this site, I will only ever allow a single, static, non-tracking ad; the sort of thing John Gruber runs on Daring Fireball. It’s small, simple, everyone sees the same advert, and clicking on it takes you directly to a static URL on the advertiser’s site.