You're going on holiday. That's nice.

So many things to organise

Itineraries and boarding passes. Travel insurance documentation. The sort of stuff you actually want to hand, not the sort of stuff you should be saving on your Desktop then realising, when you break your leg in Sunderland, that you don't have with you.

Travel has a home

My system at home has the following area: 10-19 Personal, daily life. Remember, this is a broad grouping of things in my particular life. Yours may be different.

Within here, one of my categories is 16 Travel. This is the only place I keep anything to do with travel plans. As a result, I always know where things are.

We're booking our holiday :-)

So, I'm off to Sunderland and I need to save my travel documentation. What do I do?

I go to my 16 Travel category and I look for the next available number. Turns out it's 16.17, but remember that the number after the decimal is just a counter; it doesn't mean anything. This is just the 17th trip that I've planned.

I create a new Johnny.Decimal number: 16.17 Sunderland holiday, December ‘17. I save my itinerary and travel insurance documentation in there.

That was easy, and took perhaps a minute longer than either a) leaving that stuff in my email inbox with all the other crap, or b) saving it to my Desktop.

On holiday, and I need that documentation

Now I'm in Sunderland and something happens. I need that travel insurance documentation, fast.

I pull it from Dropbox on my phone

Where is it? Immediately I know to go to my 16 Travel category. From there, it doesn't matter if I don't remember the Johnny.Decimal number. It's a short list to scan through and, of course, the most recent stuff is sorted last. I just scroll to the bottom of the folder list, and there it is.

Peace of mind. No stress. And it took one minute longer than what you're doing now.

I tell my family where it is

“Open my computer”, I tell my family over the phone. “Go to my files, and find the folder 10-19 Personal, daily life. Click it. Now find the folder 16 Travel. Click it. And now 16.17. Got it? Great.”