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Ideas here are less well-formed than the pages under the main header, so forgive me if they aren’t as clear or concise. The idea is that I can get stuff out of my head quickly without having to worry about it being perfect.

There’s an RSS feed (which actually covers the whole site), and I’ll post a link to each new article on Twitter.

21st March 2021
Johnny.Decimal now has a forum.
15th February 2021
A description of the very first J.D system, and how it came to be.
31st January 2021
Should I file it under 'Home > Insurance', or 'Insurance > Home'?
20th January 2021
My public notepad for things-I-need-to-write.
20th January 2021
What's going on with J.D in 2021.
17th January 2021
Walking through the setup of a new home project.
15th January 2021
I've built a blog!